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今回は、International Council of Ophthalmologyのフェローシップで、9月末から3ヵ月間 名市大眼科に研修にきていたカザフスタンの網膜硝子体専門医ルクパン先生のレポートをお届けします。
(医局長 野崎)

Lukpan Orazbekov,
Kazakh Eye Research Institute, Almaty, Kazakhstan
ICO Fellowship – Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Science, Nagoya City University Graduate School of Medical Sciences, Nagoya, Japan

When I send my application to International Council of Ophthalmology I had choose fellowship program under supervision of Professor Yuichiro Ogura. Japan has attracted me by its rich culture, high developed technologies and also I would like to observe research and surgical activities of department of ophthalmology and visual science of Nagoya City University.

During my first excursion I noted that Nagoya City University Hospital is modern and has very good maintenance facilities. I had opportunities to take a part in both clinical and research activities of ophthalmological department. During rounds in in-patient department Professor Y. Ogura made very valuable remarks and corrections of diagnostic and treatment.
Also it was very interesting for me to take a part in out-patient examinations of patients with different ophthalmopathology carried out by leading doctors of department. Consultants explained me why they preferred a particular modality of treatment what made me understand in a better way. I met an excellent mentor in Dr. Tsutomu Yasukawa (macula Guru), who helped me a lot in understanding medical retina. He taught me how to interpret an HD-OCT and a FA/IA, how to correlate them and how to correctly diagnose and treat the macular pathology. Dr. Munenori Yoshida demonstrated me different patients with chronic uveitis. Out-patient clinic has a plenty of modern diagnostic equipment such as ‘Optos wide field’ laser scanning ophthalmoscope, HD-OCT Cirrus, Heidelberg and etc. It was very good experience for me to take a part in patients examination. Also I could observe ambulatory care, such as photodynamic therapy, anti-VEGF intravitreal injections.

I was able to visit operating room. I was surprised that almost all operations performed under local anesthesia, what off-course better for patient. And I saw a lot of very severe cases operated by Professor Y. Ogura. I think he is wizard of vitreoretinal surgery, because he manages seems like incurable cases! And he does not use any tamponade at most cases! I got plenty surgical skills assisting the surgical procedures. I have for the first time seen Yttrium endoilluminator, which seemed much better than conventional, and endoscopic camera with light system for vitreoretinal surgery, and 3D demonstration display.

It was very interesting for me to take a part in Case conference where patients were discussed before surgery and senior residents prepared their report in English! I would like to thank all residents for it. This helped me to understand the clinical approach, differential diagnosis and the methods of treatment of different pathologies.
Journal clubs had improved my knowledge and there were very interesting debates about new treatments, studies and were shown different presentations.
And the great fact that under guidance of Professor Y. Ogura, I could prepare case reports papers and Dr. Miho Nozaki support me to make a case report presentation.
I had good opportunity to take a part in the 66th Annual Congress of Japan Clinical Ophthalmology that was held in Kyoto.
There were about 10 000 participants, huge number of ophthalmologist comparing with my country. I attended several very interesting lectures about AMD, glaucoma surgery. Also I did not lost chance for Kyoto sightseeing. I think Kyoto is one the most beautiful cities in the world.

I have found that Japanese people are very hospitable! Professor has organized Welcome and Farewell party and I could take a part in different Japanese festivals with other doctors. I found that Japanese doctors don’t only work very hard but they also like good relaxation. Owing to my colleagues I could try miscellaneous tastes of Japanese cousins.
Professor Y. Ogura not only an excellent retinal surgeon, but very kind heart, intelligent, progressive and friendly person! Other doctors and department assistants are very responsive, amicable and real professionals as well.
My expectations were absolutely met. I am very glad that I had got to know Professor Y. Ogura and department stuff. That was very good experience for my professional skills and I could receive answers to plenty of questions I had before. I hope that I will be able to use this knowledge in my country. I got a lot of new friends, and I am very happy with this fact.

In conclusion, I would like to suggest to other ICO fellows, especially interested in retina, to visit Professor Y. Ogura’s clinic, here you can observe the latest achievements and management of very complicated cases of retinal surgery.
Finally I want to thank Professor Y. Ogura for acceptance and ICO Fellowships for opportunity to get such a great professional and life experience!


International Council of Ophthalmology (ICO)フェローシップに応募した際、私は名古屋市立大学の小椋祐一郎教授のもとでの研修を選びました。名市大を選択した理由は、すばらしい文化と高度の先進技術を持つ日本に、そして名古屋市立大学眼科での研究と手術について興味を持ったからでした。
 名古屋市立大学病院を初めて訪れたとき、とても現代的できれいな施設に感心しました。教授回診では、小椋祐一郎教授は、とても意義のある所見を指摘され、診断や治療を正しく導いていました。また私にとって大変興味深かったのは、外来でさまざまな疾患の診察を見学できたことでした。特に、私は黄斑疾患の大家である安川力先生という素晴らしい指導者に会うことができ、メディカルレチナへの理解を深めることができました。安川先生は、黄斑疾患についてOCTと造影検査の所見をどう突き合わせて、正しい診断をして治療をするか、といことを色々教えて下さいました。また吉田宗徳先生には、さまざまな慢性ぶどう膜炎の症例について教えていただきました。名古屋市立大学病院の眼科外来には、Optosや、Cirrus OCT、HRA2といったさまざまな最新の機器もそろっていましたので、外来で患者さんの検査を見学するのも大変ためになりました。
 そして、私自身も、小椋教授のご指導のもと、興味深い症例のcase report論文を2編作成することができ、それを発表する機会もいただきました。



case report中のルクパン先


case report後






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